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At Discover Northern Ontario, we put our customer’s needs above all else. For us, “customer is king,” and we strive to fulfill this mission with all our heart and dedication. Our team ensures excellent customer service, which helps us provide the refreshing and revitalizing experience they love. We believe that the experience of exploring the North should not only be thrilling but also be safe and well-organized. With Discover Northern Ontario as your travel partner, you do not need to worry about your travel needs. We take care of everything. Our hotels and resorts have the best gyms and all the amenities necessary for your stay and fulfilling adventure. Our chefs work dedicatedly to provide you with the most mouth-watering dishes that set the pace for your adventure ahead.

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Experience the beauty, calmness, and serenity.

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Customer satisfaction and loyalty stand at the forefront of our ideology. We strive for excellence and ensure our customers get the best northern Ontario tours. We comply with all the laws and regulations implemented in Canada’s tourism industry. Our respectful and cooperative attitude helps us achieve the milestones that we aim for.


We have been part of the tourism industry for a long time. When it comes to our customer’s needs, we pay great attention to them. To us, the customer is the king. Our portfolio of holdings helps us provide the best tourism experience you desire. The beauty and vibrant colours of the Algonquin Inn provide you with a mesmerizing experience. The Senator Hotel provides many rooms and suites that meet your needs. We believe that one size never fit’s all. So for us, each customer is a different story and a new milestone we aim to achieve.

We are a professional tourism industry and our prime focus is to promote tourism values in the North. The beauty of Northern Ontario is enriched because of Kirkland, Timmins and Algonquin Park. We shall be guiding our customers with exclusive guided Tour to North covering these places and some memorable moments in our Hotel & resorts.

Our prime focus is to promote the beauty of Northern Ontario locally and internationally.

We are here to guide you regards to our Tourism and Cultural services. We create values of trust between our various stakeholders and customers with only one motive, i.e. promoting cultural tourism.
As a Tourism company, our slogan is that you Explore North With US! The places that are equipped with true beauty of nature and fantastic appeal that makes it a must for the people of North America.

We believe in sincerity with customers, a trust worthy relationship and enriched guidance above all. Tourism and Travel is an industry that pays Canada in huge numbers and we believe in paying back to the beautiful land Canada.
Respecting the values attached to being a Canadian and exploring Canada with a cultivating thought for the preserving beauty of Canada. We truly believe that we are blessed to serve Canada in Tourism sector.